Tea Timed

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Tea timed
Within the cadence of
Conspiracy theories held

Like family
Grasping for perceived knowledge

This America

Coast to coast downloading of the media blaming the

(The more educated are less likely to bag tea)

For a moment
A candidate found pride in funny hair and

Pressuring an

Into proving the latter

(Sometimes what is said in public is embarrassing by association)

Many in Mississippi have a negative opinion regarding
Mosques in Manhattan

(Did they see the smoke from ground zero?)

Sometimes people forget the sameness of a sunrise
Sometimes reality is really real
Sometimes we don’t realize what is being done for us
Sometimes time is the sum

I miss country living
Rural community with time to think
Urban travel can be combat
Between Bedbugs and Rats
A day in the “developed” world can be unraveling


by Aaron Middlepoet Jackson

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